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Take Control of Your Beer Business with SalesMarketer

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SalesMarketer iPad App

At RedTwine, we specialize in the helping Beer Wholesalers communicate effectively to increase productivity and sales.

SalesMarketer is a fully customizable application that empowers you and the way you handle your day to day business. We developed the SalesMarketer App from listening to the needs of AB Wholesalers like yourself.

After thorough research with distribution companies, we unraveled the sales communication touch points and then rolled them back up into the most comprehensive and flexible tool for your business. SalesMarketer is a centralized, web-based management tool which streamlines, organizes and pushes real time data to your sales force.

Why SalesMarketer?

  • All your sell-in flyers are located in one place
  • Real-time pricing and new product information is pushed out to all reps simultaneously, ensuring everyone is operating on the same page
  • Expand your portfolio with higher margin offerings
  • Share best practice display ideas with retailers
  • Give your Craft Brewer suppliers a leg-up by having their information right at your finger tips
  • Separate yourself from competition with this professional and visual selling tool 
  • Share educational videos of supplier brands for your sales team and retailers

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